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About Us

In today's challenging healthcare landscape, pharmacy owners and operators grapple to gain a competitive edge. What were once thriving small businesses across the nation now face the struggle to survive.


Enter Apex, born from the union of two seasoned experts, each armed with invaluable insights and best practices crucial for navigating the evolving pharmacy terrain. What sets Apex apart is the ongoing involvement of Ben and Joe in their own family pharmacies. This hands-on commitment ensures their continuous growth and adaptation, refining their specialties to better aid the clients they serve. 


Benjamin Jolley

As a third-generation independent pharmacy operator, since 2019, I've been dedicated to supporting pharmacy operators across the nation in unraveling the complexities of the financial system that force the will of the largest corporations onto the business practices of independent pharmacies.

I am a self-claimed drug pricing nerd, with a special interest in PBMs, PSAOs, and contracting, which I share insights on through my occasional blog. I read all the fine print – written to deliberately confuse – and provided guidance to help pharmacy owners know what their numbers are and regain control of their profitability.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning new things and traveling. Family values deeply influence my work as a proud father of four children.

Joe Williams

As a consultant, my mission is clear: to empower pharmacy owners and operators for success in an industry facing increasing challenges. My approach is conversational, focused on unveiling the inherent strengths within each store and maximizing existing resources. By teaming up with Benjamin Jolly, we aim to extend our impact, reaching and positively transforming numerous pharmacies. Together, we're dedicated to elevating the industry by providing practical insights and empowering pharmacy professionals to thrive.

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